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Competition Grade Tasting Flight of 3

Competition Grade Tasting Flight of 3


First Harvest | Single Cultivar | Hand Picked | Organic | Triple-Layered Tana Shading | Koicha

Calling all matcha connoisseurs!

Exclusive to Whisk Premium Matcha, you can now experience 3 different kinds of organic competition grade matcha and host a fine matcha tasting for yourself. This is a collection of the highest-grade Organic Matcha in Japan. 

The only difference between all 3 grades are their cultivars. Mass-produced matcha usually use blended cultivars to average out each year's harvest. Single cultivar matcha is very hard to find nowadays; it provides a very unique taste and flavour that blended cultivar cannot pair. 

Unlike other organic matcha, competition grade matcha has no bitterness, sourness or astringency. It requires a lot of money and effort to grow competition grade matcha, and its quantity is extremely limited every year.

NOTE: For competition grade matcha, it's crucial to sift prior to whisking. Get your professional matcha sifter here.


Option 1
3 x 20g matcha in foil bag + high quality aluminum canister + box

Option 2
3 x 20g matcha in foil bag + box


What is Competition Grade matcha?

The national tea competition is hosted annually for the purposes of improving the cultivation standards and quality of tea (especially green tea). Over 1000 high quality teas are submitted for review and the owner of the tea farms will present, participate and receive the awards of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 農林水産大臣賞. This is the highest award and achievement one can receive in the agricultural industry.

Over 20 professional judges & tea masters will taste and evaluate all teas using the same brewing methods (volume, quantity & temperature control). Procedures and criteria are clearly standardized and monitored throughout the evaluation. The judges will take notes and put down the value of each tea, and the most valued tea will range the 1st place. 

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